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Alyssa Granacki, PhD candidate in Romance Studies
Philogynist or Misogynist? Giovanni Boccaccio as Author of On Famous Women
This meeting of the Conversions Working Group presents Alyssa Granacki, Duke PhD student in Romance Studies. Refreshments will be served.

Did Giovanni Boccaccio, lady-loving author of the Decameron's bawdy tales, undergo a conversion that led him to write misogynistic biographies in his Latin work, On Famous Women? This narrative has been accepted for decades, but it leaves Boccaccio's supposed shift from philogyny to misogyny unexamined. This presentation will explore and challenge the narrative of Boccaccio's "conversion" by turning to the manuscript tradition of On Famous Women. Tracing authorial variations, scribal choices, and marginalia, we will reconsider Boccaccio's conversion and the terms that have been used to describe it. Is Boccaccio a philogynist or a misogynist? Or, perhaps, neither?

Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 7:00pm
CMRS Conversions Working Group