30.3 (Fall 2000)
Decolonizing the Middle Ages
Edited by John Dagenais and Margaret R. Greer
431-448 Decolonizing the Middle Ages: Introduction

449-462 The Cut of Genealogy: Pedagogy in the Blood

463-477 The Monkey in the Jarcha: Tradition and Canonicity in the Early Iberian Lyric

479-504 Islam and Stereotypical Discourse in Medieval Castile and Leon

505-518 The Supreme Pen (Al-Qualam Al-A la) of Cide Hamete Benegeli in Don Quixote

519-545 From Holy War to Border Skirmish: The Colonial Chivalry of Sydney’s First Professors

547-574 In the Middle

575-599 The Work of Alchemy

601-630 New Books across the Discplines